ok so i see there isnt much out here for posts but maybe 1 seed will start others.


lets talk about pullin' toys.


what you got, what you want, big/small scale, whatever etc about toys.


i know that there is a few of us out there that make them from the pictures posted so lets see them....



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i have 5 1/64 tractors and want some more i would like to see wildbuck one and tbone


I am primarily a model tractor hobbyist, I have built about 50 different models and have a room of my home dedicated to showing them off. I do things a little different because I use actual tractor paint to paint rather than the supplied ones for an extra realistic touch. I hope this forum takes off because it looks really cool!

well my next 1/64 scale display will start in a few weeks here.  i am going to model it after tomah super nationals and add a small fair to it as well this way i can do 2 displays from one main theme.  this display that im going to do will be setup for the national farm toy show specs so if i want to show it can be no bigger than an 8' x 8' display.  so the display will use the trcak and part of the pits as the center piece and then more pits to one side and fair to the other.  i think its going to look really nice when its done, it will take a lot of time but it will be worth it....


well new display starts in t minus oh a few days here.  i got all the detail stuff to start as soon as my plywood shows up on saturday i think when my parents are coming up from elkhorn to visit.  that reminds me walco fair is coming up at the end of the month...i know what im doing all day wednesday the 31st.....WATCHING SOME PULLIN!!!!


hopefully a lot of you gus can make it because i want to get more pictures of full setups (ie. truck, trailer, and pull vehicle) soi can try to make replicas for my display...

took stock of my pull trucks/tractors and trucks and trailers/hauler semi's and i'm doing better than i thought....only 9 vehicles need a truck and trailer.....well that and i have a lot more than i thought i did as well, and i still have more that are not done yet either....pics to come soon.....

well the day has finally come!  i have everything to start the pull display...going to start on it tomorrow after work.  ordered parts for my jeff helt and jared ripp replica trucks today so those should be done next week....more pictures to come....


So do you make these special for people? Like would you be willing to make and sell?
i do from time to time. what are you looking for? i have 2 almost complete full replicas of jared rips farmers nightmare and jeff helts ram tough (thats truck and trailer plus pull truck). as for other ones i need some pictures to finish like the john deere addicted to chaos and the john deere industrial strength deere. i can post some individual pics of these ass well and if the owners of these mentioned tractors can help me out id appreciate it.
Just wanted to see if you could post some pictures of Jared Ripp's Farmers Nightmare.....would love to see them! 
Well the first one id like to have would be Stammpede. I could get you all the pictures you wanted of the tractor if that was any problem at all. Just a thought. Are you going to Pecatonica tonight? I am and we could talk then if you wanted. Whatever works for you just let me know.

yes if i could get some pictures i can def give it a try.  i am going to the brewer game tonight so i wont be down in illinois for the pull.  prolly the next one i will for sure be at is the walworth county fair at the end of the month for both nights.  might make it to sauk prairie on sat but unsure yet.


as for pictures.....get them clear and as straight as possible.  i have to redo a few of mine because after talking to my finace it would be harder for her to get it looking right.


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